Rosenberg PD seizes money in traffic stop

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On Monday, November 11 at approximately 10am, Rosenberg police arrested Juan Castro Rodriguez, 38, for money laundering over $200,000, a first degree felony.

Rosenberg police made a routine traffic stop at Highway 59 at Louise Street. The officer asked basic questions of the vehicle's occupants. The officer learned they were traveling from North Carolina to Mexico. However, the officer found the driver and passenger told conflicting stories when asked other questions.

The officer then requested the canine unit report to the scene to conduct an open-air sniff of the vehicle. The canine search yielded an alert (detected narcotic odor) then gave the officer reason to continue his investigation and further search the vehicle.

After thoroughly searching the vehicle, officers found a hidden compartment containing a large amount of US currency. The money was wrapped in air tight packaging.

Rosenberg PD seized the money and the vehicle. The investigation is ongoing and may yield more arrests.

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