Mother, child hit by oncoming vehicle

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This accident happened Thursday night just before 7:30pm on Smith at Old Humble Road. A 22-year-old mother with her three-year-old son were walking on the side of the road when they were hit by a car, driving fast, and heading east on Smith. The boy's father was walking as well, but he was only brushed by the car's mirror.

There was at least one witness to this, and police have arrested the driver.

"The driver of the vehicle appeared intoxicated. He was taken into custody. He was taken to the station where he refused a breath test," said Sgt. Susan Cotter with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. "At this point, there are two charges of intoxication assault being filed against the driver of the striking vehicle."

That driver was taken to the hospital, where sheriff's deputies were able to get a blood sample from the driver. It's possible the charges against the driver may be upgraded due to the child's death.

The child suffered head injuries. The woman's injuries were not known at this time. They were taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital by Life Flight in critical condition, where the child was later pronounced dead.

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