Hearing underway on handling of Ike

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Local leaders want to review the state and local government response to the storm so they can better respond to future disasters.

Monday's hearing on Ike started with acknowledgment that the state was better prepared for the storm than it had been for storms in previous years.

"One thing we do know is that hurricanes will come in this area or there may be other emergencies that will come and we just want to make sure we've done the best we could together," said Turner.

The first hour was filled with questions to Jack Colley, with the state's emergency management division.

"Mr. chairman, this was a big and deadly storm and it demanded an equally large scale Texas response. We were able to provide that response for the citizens of Texas," he said. "I'm sure there are those who follow today will find fault with many of the aspects of the state's response and they should. Good governments get better by looking at what needs to be improved and what needs to be changed. A 26,532,000 bottles of water and 56,624,000 tons of ice may not have been enough."

This hearing is only focusing on Harris County. The meeting will last through 10pm to allow those who sign up for the public comment section to get their say.

Three other hearings have also been set to cover other counties affected by Ike.

The next public hearing will cover Galveston, Chambers, Matagorda and Brazoria Counties. It will be held at 10am Wednesday, December 3, at the Johnnie Arolfo Civic Center located at 400 W. Walker Street in League City. The third hearing will cover Jefferson, Orange and Hardin Counties and will be held Wednesday, December 10 at 10am at Lamar State College located at 410 Front Street in Orange. The fourth hearing is still being scheduled at this time.

For more information, please call Representative Turner's office at 683-6363.

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