Local Obama supporters return home

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The bus returned this morning from Dayton, Ohio. Ohio was an extremely crucial state for now Obama and they feel like they had a part in helping and getting him elected.

The bus arrived after 5:30am at the location where it served as a headquarters for the Houston office for the election campaign for Obama. They say as soon as they left on Friday, they hit the ground running in Dayton when they arrived.

"We were excited. Our hard work, we felt like it was worth it. We got our reward," said volunteer Charlotte Simpson.

"We worked down there to work. We went down there. We were on our feet, knocking on doors, calling people. We had lawyers on the bus to watch the polls to make sure everything was going right," said volunteer Faith Deggins. "We felt a little overwhelmed and overjoyed that we had a purpose and we fulfilled that purpose to get Obama in the house."

A number of those on the bus live in Montgomery County and it was the only county in Texas that did completely vote for Obama.

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