Plungers handed out on election eve

HOUSTON On election eve, it was a car stopping sight for some. Republican county Commissioner Steve Radack is rallying McCain supporters, and yes, telling them to take a plunger to the polls.

"I want them to drive around with them in the car and hold them up," he said. "It's a battle cry."

Since when has a plunger become political? Well, about the time "Joe the Plumber" became household name. Joe Weurtzlebacher is an Ohio Republican who cornered Senator Barack Obama about his tax plan.

"Just take another sign that says 'Vote for me' and no one's going to pay any attention," said political consultant Dr. Richard Murray. "But I think 'Joe the Plumber' and the plumber's instrument now will be instantly recognized as a campaign tool."

But the campaign tool has the Democrats raising eyebrows.

"If he's talking about people taking those things inside polling places, that's clearly a crime and shame on your, Commissioner Radack, for encouraging people to commit criminal acts," said Gerry Birnberg with the Harris County Democratic Party.

Birnberg also has a comeback to Radack's so-called battle cry.

"It's good to see that Commissioner Radack understands that we need some cleaning up in Harris County," said Radack.

"You can take a cane into the poll," said Radack. "I don't know why you can't take a plunger into the poll."

We contacted the county clerk's office to ask whether or not you could take a plunger into the polls. They say the polling site judges will likely be the ones to deal with it, but they say you're not allowed to bring anything that promotes or identifies with a candidate or proposition.

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