Help for storm victim denied by FEMA

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Kathy Brandon of Bacliff surveys the damage to her home. It's enough to make her cry, especially since she was recently denied assistance by FEMA. When she appealed, the governmental agency told her she had insufficient damage to qualify for help.

"I feel the government has overlooked us," said Kathy. "What do they call insufficient damage to a home if you can't live in it?"

For the past month, Kathy has lived in a tent in front of her home. She used to live in a travel trailer. The storm surge crashed through it, destroying her few belongings.

"This is my life. This is my home," she told us. "I didn't ask for very much, you know?"

The entire Bacliff community suffered. Many are already rebuilding, but not everyone can afford it. The FEMA assistance center still sees an average of about 80 people per day seeking help.

As for Kathy, we called the local FEMA director's office in Galveston. They are now taking another look at Kathy's case.

"My home is destroyed," she said. "Why can't I get help?"

Late Friday afternoon, we learned Kathy is getting the help she needs. She's entitled to FEMA housing and she's scheduled to receive it as soon as possible.

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