Kelley cuts a check; Ibarra brothers file grievance

HOUSTON /*Erik and Sean Ibarra*/, who filed a grievance against Kelley with the state bar early this year, were awarded a $1.7 million in a suit against the Harris County Sheriff's Office and the county for civil rights violations. The brothers' new attorney, Randy Sorrels, says Kelley's check covers a dispute over $115,000 in expenses that Kelley claimed were for activist Quanell X ($20,000) and attorney Tammy Tran ($95,000), but that the case may not yet be settled.

Sorrels says he is unsure how much or even if Kelley paid the activist or the attorney for any services and wants to see Kelley's records and a log for all expenses incurred during the case.

Kelley, who likened the matter to a "legal game of chess," says his attorneys, Mark Hill and David Beck, advised him not to comment. "I'm not commenting on legal strategies because it's in the hands of the lawyers. But I feel very confident in our strategy," he said.

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