Attempted kidnapping suspect runs day care

FORT BEND COUNTY, TX Over the weekend, investigators arrested /*Bradley Lucas*/. They say he was the man seen driving in a black truck at a Katy area gas station. Surveillance video allegedly shows Lucas trying to grab an 18-year-old girl.

Now, Eyewitness News has learned that Lucas and his wife also operate a day care in the area.

At the Building Blocks Day Care on Fry Road near Morton Road, parents picked up their kids as usual Monday and nobody we talked to had any idea that its co-owner had been charged with attempted kidnapping.

"That's crazy because my daughter comes here every day," said parent Natalie Chen.

Chen may be shocked, but investigators say the Lucas name on the training certificates in the day care business is the same Bradley G. Lucas who's accused of casing a Ft. Bend County gas station in a black truck last week.

Investigators say the surveillance video shows he tried to grab an 18-year-old girl. Lucas was arrested and bonded out over the weekend. Neither Lucas nor his wife was at the day care Monday when we visited, but parents have seen him there before.

"Whenever I see him, he's usually in the back, doing paperwork or whatever," said Chen. "He's not the up-front person."

No one answered the door at their Katy home. But the sheriff's department says the agency responsible for regulating child care is aware of the charges against Lucas.

"The Department of Family and Protective Services has ordered him to stay away from the property," said Terriann Carlson with the Ft. Bend County Sheriff's Department. "His license has not been taken away but he cannot be on that property."

Investigators say they wouldn't be surprised if Lucas' license is suspended soon. Parents we spoke with say they may not wait for the state to act.

"I'll talk to my husband and see what's next," said parent Becky Burns. "Am I going to pull her out? If he did something like that, of course. You don't want your kids to be around somebody like that."

Investigators say both Lucas and his wife are licensed to run the day care, so they're not sure how this will affect the wife's license, if at all.

They are still looking for at least five more women who were at the gas station on the evening in question that Lucas may have approached.

Sheriff's deputies want to know if Lucas is responsible for any other incidents. They ask you to take a good look at the above picture. If you recognize this man, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 281-342-TIPS.

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