Teacher, husband sentenced for sexual assault

HOUSTON Brandy Lynn Gonzales, 30, pleaded guilty Aug. 4 to the series of sexual offenses during her 2003-04 assignment to Piney Point Elementary School. Her husband, Johnny Ray Gonzales, 33, also received a 15-year prison term for sexually assaulting of one of his wife's victims. They were boys 11 to 13 years old, who were enrolled in her classes.

The offenses included fondling inside the classroom, oral sex during outings with some of the boys at a mall and movie theater, and intercourse at her residence.

Prosecutor Denise Oncken, chief of the District Attorney's Child Abuse Division, noted that some of the children involved had learning disorders. One of them was sexually assaulted by the husband and wife after he sought help from the teacher because of physical abuse at home. He attempted suicide after the revelations of the sexual encounters, Oncken said.

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