Political ad gets put to the truth test

HOUSTON One of the candidates for Harris County sheriff is using the /*Ibarra*/ case to target his opponent and hopefully win your vote. We're putting the ads for Houston City Councilman and sheriff hopeful Adrian Garcia through our truth meter.

It wasn't if, but when Garcia, Sheriff /*Tommy Thomas*/' opponent, would attack Thomas. The sheriff has not had an easy go of it in the news this year. Before it airs Friday morning, we're running it through our truth meter.

"Sheriff Tommy Thomas says his record speaks for itself and it does," the ad says.

Garcia isn't wasting time with his first commercial this election season.

The ad continues, "Spying on private citizens, taxpayer funded upgrades to his ranch, a justice department investigation. His record says we need change."

The sheriff's office admitted surveilling the Ibarra brothers. The Justice Department is looking at health issues inside the Harris County Jail. So both of those claims are true. 13 Undercover looked at Tommy Thomas' ranch fence and found two jail labor instructors consulted on the fence, but 13 Undercover did not prove it was taxpayer funded work. So the truth meter will let voters decide that grey area.

"Adrian Garcia took charge of the mayor's anti-gang unit and fought to reduce crime. As Bill White's mayor pro-tem, he worked hard for a safer Houston," the ad says.

That's true, sort of. Garcia did run the gang unit, but the spot is light on specifics as to what working harder for a safer Houston means.

"Adrian Garcia, fighting crime. ending corruption," concludes the ad.

Thomas has not responded with an ad on ABC 13 yet. When we see it, we're ready to put it to the test.

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