Asst. principal arrested on drug charges

HOUSTON Neighbors at a condo complex on Woodway are still pretty shocked by what police say they found growing inside the assistant principal's condo unit that he shared with his wife. Sharpstown High School assistant principal Earl James Street, 46, and his wife Judith Street are both charged with possession of marijuana. Police say they found the drug growing in the couple's condo.

Neighbor Alisa Slack says she has known Earl and Judith Street for about two years, and that the couple have two children -- a boy and a girl, ages 6 and 11. Slack says she knew Street taught science at the high school and that he was also the assistant principal there. But she says the couple moved out in early summer when the bank foreclosed on the property.

It was after the Streets moved out when Houston firefighters were called to the home to check on a water leak in the wall. That's when the plants were reportedly discovered.

"They climbed through the upstairs balcony, and came downstairs and shut off the water then," Slack recalled. "So they were the ones who discovered the marijuana and they called the police. The police hauled it away."

Sharpstown High School students are just finding out about the arrest, which took place last week -- almost three months after the plants were found.

HISD officials are not saying much, except this statement: "An Assistant Principal at Sharpstown High School has been reassigned to the West Regional Office since Sept. 26, 2008 pending the outcome of charges brought against him by the Houston Police Department."

James and Judith are both charged with possession with marijuana. They are both out on bond.

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