Oprah announces new book club choice

NEW YORK David Wroblewski's 500-page debut novel "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle" was released in June. Thanks to strong reviews, word of mouth and a blurb from Stephen King, it became a smash.

Now, two booksellers tell The Associated Press that Oprah Winfrey has chosen "Edgar Sawtelle" as her latest book club pick.

Winfrey is to make the announcement on her TV talk show Friday. The Associated Press purchased a copy of the novel, which has a Winfrey book club sticker on the cover, from a bookseller that placed "Edgar Sawtelle" on sale early.

Wroblewski worked on "Edgar Sawtelle" for more than a decade. It's the story of a mute boy who communicates best with his dogs.

Wroblewski grew up in rural Wisconsin and used it as the setting for his book.

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