Off-duty officer fatally shoots intruder

HOUSTON An HPD officer was off-duty and asleep Wednesday afternoon when the incident occurred. A police captain tells Eyewitness News that the officer heard a knock at the front door. The officer didn't answer.

A short while later the officer heard glass breaking from his bedroom window. The off-duty officer then reportedly grabbed his duty weapon, yelling for the intruder to stop.

That officer tells police he then saw at least one arm reach in through his bedroom window with something "shiny" in his hand. The officer opened fire.

That suspect then ran from the scene. The fatally wounded suspect was found on a street behind the officer's home, along with a second suspect. The second suspect was taken into custody.

Police believe there were at least three suspects -- one is dead, one is in custody, and at least one is on the loose.

A police investigation is underway.

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