Evacuees reunited with lost pets

TYLER, TX Tyler Animal Control Director Shawn Markmann said Roscoe, a 3-year-old Jack Russell terrier, ran away when the back of a donated pet carrier came apart. Max, a mixed breed with some coyote in him, pawed at the latch of his kennel and escaped.

Dennis Limon, Roscoe's owner, told the Tyler Morning Telegraph that he learned his dog had escaped two days earlier when he went to check on him at the East Texas Fairgrounds on Monday.

When families fleeing Gustav checked in at Faulkner Park, their pets were taken to the fairgrounds to be cared for there.

"I assumed he was OK and that he was being taken care of," Limon said Tuesday.

"We came up here together and we want to go home with all of us together," he said before Roscoe was found.

The newspaper reported that the Limons, who are from the Port Arthur area, had stopped for lunch in Lufkin when they got a call from someone who had seen Roscoe. They came back to Tyler and found him.

"He's a little tired and shaken, but he's OK," Limon said.

Smith County Assistant Fire Marshal Marilynn Wilson said volunteers spent two days trying to find Max after he escaped Saturday. Then Wilson went to deliver the word to Max's owner that he had escaped. Wilson said the man asked to be taken back to where teams had searched for Max.

As they walked around the area, Wilson said the man asked her what an object on the grassy hill at Rose Stadium was. "I said I don't know and about that time the guy yells out 'Max' and the dog came running."

Max has had plenty of hurricane adventures. Wilson said Max was a Katrina adoptee the family took in after his owners were never identified three years ago.

"They got this dog after Katrina and went through Rita with him and then through this evacuation. I'm really happy the dog was found and back with his family," she said.

Roscoe and Max were the only two of 200 animals cared for in Tyler to escape.

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