Man caught near school with pills

HOUSTON A Harris County Precinct Six deputy arrested Jerry Jefferson after he tried to run during a traffic stop. The deputy found 12 bottles of prescription Hydrocodone containing 120 pills each in Jefferson's car. The street value of the pills was more than $2,000.

"He observed in plain view the bags containing all these prescription pills," said Corporal Felipe Gallegos of the Harris County Pct 6 Constable's Office.

Officers arrested Jefferson near Wheatley High. School starts there next week and deputies say drug dealers are targeting high school kids with prescription medications.

"We have a problem in the schools with pills," Corporal Gallegos said. "Subjects are targeting the kids in the schools and this is the type of drug most common in schools."

While high school football players practiced at Wheatley, residents told us they want something done about drugs in school.

"I think something should be done if it's true," said resident Mamie Wicks. "We don't need our children under this kinda stuff. We need them to be educated and not drugged up."

Officers say they do not know where Jefferson got the pills. He also has a parole violation on a charge of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and convictions for auto theft and a drug charge.

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