Humble ISD unveils buses with billboards

HUMBLE, TX The buses are at the center of the district's cutting edge campaign to generate more funds. It's a way to raise money, the likes of which we haven't really seen before -- billboard-style ads on Humble ISD buses.

The district unveiled the first five advertisements this morning, and told Eyewitness New about 30 more are on order. If all 260-plus Humble ISD buses carry a full set of ads, it could generate more than a million dollars a year for the district. It's money desperately needed in a time of budget cuts.

"Is this like going into business as our schools try to generate private dollars," we asked.

"I don't see it as going into business as much as using an avenue of revenue we haven't tapped before," said Lynn Fields with Steep Creek Media.

"I view it more as an opportunity for businesses in a new way to partner with schools to make the kind of investment to ensure that they've got the workforce that they want and need going out into the future," said Humble ISD Superintendent Dr. Guy Sconzo.

The superintendent said an advisory committee reviews the advertisements to make sure the content is appropriate for school age kids. The money could be used to hire back some positions cut in recent years, and therefore, reduce class size.

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