Shop using a calendar

HOUSTON If you are looking for a great deal on patio furniture, the Internet may be your ticket. On top of great buys and huge discounts, most items are tax free with free shipping.

"You have to wait until the deals come and that way you spend less money, especially the way the economy is today," said bargain shopper Sabra Cormaur.

Cormaur scours online sites and stores to find the very best deals. She makes it a habit to shop at the end of every season. For summer that means right about now.

"After school starts because that's when it really goes on sale," said bargain shopper Kimberly Wynn.

Wynn is right. According to, a website devoted to saving money, patio furniture and barbecue grills can be picked up at rock bottom prices right after school starts.

By the end of September, be on the lookout for back-packs and school supplies which are expected to be marked up to 90% off.

But what about the rest of the year?


So whether it's online or at the stores, savvy shoppers say they mark their calendars then watch their end-of-season savings grow.

"Because you can get a great deal, it may be a limit of what you can get, but when can get it, go ahead and get it," said Zion Greenfield with Home Depot.

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