Military donations favor Obama over McCain

August 18, 2008 9:26:14 AM PDT
John McCain may be the one with the lauded military record, but according to a nonpartisan group, Barack Obama is the one raking in more cash from military donors. A Center for Responsive Politics report says Obama has gotten more donations of at least $200 from members of the military than McCain. Donations coming from troops serving abroad are even more lopsided in Obama's favor -- he's outraised McCain 6-1 there.

McCain's campaign says he's been "endorsed by more retired admirals and generals than Barack Obama has military donors."

They also expect to win the military vote in November, arguing troops overseas "are too busy" defending the country to donate money.

The report counts 859 members of the military donated more than $335,00 to Obama. McCain received more than $280,000 from 558 military donors.

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