Houston Home Show going green

HOUSTON Our first stop is the Living Green tour exhibit, an interactive mock-home that showcases environmentally-friendly products.

Everything here is eco-friendly. Take for example the kitchen counters, made from recycled ceramic and glass, including "beer bottles, wine bottles, windshields, and mirrors," Living Green host Steven Whittle said.

The kitchen cabinets are made of bamboo. In the remodeling industry, it's quickly becoming known as ply-boo, a fast growing grass.

And over in the bathroom, this mosaic tile is made from recycled car windshields.

"What this company is doing is they are taking that glass and grinding it into a powder, adding a little tint, and refiring it so you have these really attractive tiles," Whittle said.

Something that may not be attractive, but energy-efficient is radiant barrier, a material that's installed in your attic to reduce summer heat and during winter keep your house warm.

"Any remodeling job that I do and when I am building any new construction, you want radiant barriers on all exterior walls and in the attic, but retrofitting, every house should have it retro-fitted on their attic," Jim Dutton of Texas Home Improvement said.

A radiant barrier can save you up to 30 percent on your energy bill.

"Also, one of the big things on remodeling is bringing back the mother-in-law suite because as the economy tightens up, people want to downsize and save money," Dutton said.

But if you can spare no expense, check out the latest in outdoor living. Fancy kitchens and bars with granite counter tops can cost anywhere between $20,000 and $40,000!

"Throw in a swimming pool and you got a hundred thousand dollar backyard just like that," Dutton said.

And our final hot trend -- stone is in! Experts tell us people are refacing their home and instead of brick using stone to add texture.

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