Does missing student want to be found?

HOUSTON It's the newest development in his mysterious disappearance. A California search organization says it's received calls from three different people claiming to have seen Wilson in Berkeley. That's where police found his car abandoned on a residential street last month.

The callers told Trinity Search and Recovery they recognized Wilson because he was wearing a Rice t-shirt. Wilson confirmed his identity and said he just didn't want to be found.

Investigators say there was never any sign of foul play in his disappearance. Earlier this month, Wilson's mother Cathy visited Berkeley and pleaded with her son to give her a call and let her know he's OK. Volunteers are continuing the search for Wilson this weekend.

Wilson vanished from Rice on December 14, 2007, just days before he was supposed to turn in his final exams. He was last seen by his roommate in their off-campus apartment. The search shifted to Berkeley after Wilson's abandoned car was towed from a residential street last month. Police say the car contained books about how to assume a new identity.

You can read more on this story in the West University Examiner. It's one of our partners from Houston Community Newspapers.

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