Man shot to death after attack at home

HOUSTON The family -- a father, his adult son and daughter -- have been taken by police to be interviewed. Police say around 2pm, four men pulled up to the house and attempted a home invasion attack. But this family fought back.

"The two that we know actually enter the house are armed. The homeowners themselves become armed and at that point the shooting starts," explained Fil Weters with HPD Homicide. "The homeowners had an animal inside -- a dog -- that was killed by one of the suspects, apparently in the course of the home invasion. At that point, when the shooting starts to be returned by the homeowners, the two suspects that are in the house flee."

They fled, but during an exchange of gunfire back and forth, one of the suspects was shot and killed. One suspect may have been wounded, but three men got away in a waiting car.

Two guns were found in the street – one by the dead man and another dropped by one of the suspects who got away.

The investigation is ongoing. A search is underway for the suspects.

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