West Houston SWAT standoff ends

April 12, 2008 4:09:53 AM PDT
A SWAT standoff in west Houston has ended, about three and half hours after someone took a shot at a Houston police officer. A 24-year-old is now in custody. It all started around 2:30am when an officer pulled over a woman for driving erratically. The woman told the officer that her boyfriend had assaulted her. The officer did apparently see cuts and bruises and wanted to speak to the woman's boyfriend.

The officer went to the apartment complex on Briar Forest near Highway 6 and knocked on the door. That's when someone shot at him through the door. The officer was not hit, but he did call for backup. All nearby residents were evacuated from the building.

The captain on the scene described how they made contact with the suspect.

Captain David Gott with the Houston Police Department said, "The negotiators got onto the speakers, started speaking into the apartment, letting him know that no one was going to hurt him. We just need him to come and find out what exactly happened and make sure he's OK. He then came to the glass sliding door, opened the door and surrendered."

The suspect came out peacefully. A pistol was recovered at the apartment.

No one was hurt.

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