Tasers used to subdue two suspects

HOUSTON In the first incident, officers had to use their /*Tasers*/ on a man who resisted arrest near downtown Houston. The officers were responding to a stabbing call on St Joseph near Rusk when they found two people trying to hide in an SUV. Officers got them out, but one of the men began to fight with an officer and even grabbed his flashlight to hit him.

Two officers hit the man with their Tasers and finally got him on the ground. Three people total were arrested for resisting arrest.

Meanwhile in north Houston, police had to use a Taser on a woman who refused to cooperate and it was caught on store surveillance camera. It happened at the store along the Eastex Freeway near Aldine-Bender. When police tried to arrest the woman, she put up a fight and knocked the Taser gun out of the officer's hand.

The officer managed to grab the Taser and discharge it, but the woman still put up a fight. Moments later, the officer got her under control. Police say the woman has a history of fighting with officers.

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