Superhero costume stolen from hotel

HOUSTON Since last October, several characters have been travelling Texas, warning kids about the evils of littering. There's Hawk, the leader, who uses special goggles to spot dumped trash from miles away. There's Ultra, who uses a force field to pick up garbage and throw it away. And there's Bolt, the youngest, who can spot and catch litter before it hits the ground. But the fourth character, a half dog/half robot named K-900, is nowhere to be found.

Terrell Shaw, the show's emcee, said, "Well, it means a lot because K-900 was an elaborate costume, and he meant a lot to the show."

The troupe checked into a hotel on the West Loop Friday night. The next morning, they found the lock missing on the side door of the van, and the K-900 costume missing.

"It was on this side," Shaw told Eyewitness News. "So they would have opened that door and just grabbed what was in that door and took it out."

Within the next four hours, the performers had to revise their skit, having committed to three shows at the Houston Children's Festival Saturday afternoon.

Shaw explained, "What we said is that (K-900) is back home protecting the base, keeping Texas clean at the base."

The van was parked in a space, facing the feeder road. K-900 was in a red bag marked with his name. So why would somebody take an anti-litterbug superhero costume?

"I would be embarrassed if I was the person who actually took it," Shaw said. "It makes no sense for you to rob a children's production."

The performers did file a police report, but not all of them are optimistic that K-900 will ever come back. They're hoping that news reports like this one might be seen by the criminal, and that he might bring the costume back himself.

K-900 wasn't the only thing stolen. Thieves also got away with a projection screen and sound equipment. But K-900 was far and away the most popular of all the characters. The costume's value is estimated at more than $5,000.

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