Acres Homes murder case break?

HOUSTON Houston police will only say they continue to follow leads in this case and are aggressively working it. We found a court document that shows they're on to a man who may be linked to some of the Acres Homes murders and there may be more than we thought.

It's been more than two years since the first of the Acres Homes killings. A total of six remained unsolved.

Eyewitness News has obtained a document that shows Houston police may be linking two more deaths as they turn their attention to one particular man.

The document is an affidavit for a search warrant. It's concerning what a witness told police. It names a suspect and ties him to the death of Candice Douglas, found June of last year in north Harris County and another woman. Kandus Yvonne Hightower-Sharp's badly burned body was found two months later in the 200 block of McFarland.

According to the affidavit, the suspect confesses to his friend, "man, I've done something bad, I had to kill her." The friend told police he was referring to Douglas' death. He saw her with the suspect that day and later came across the crime scene.

Two months later, according to the affidavit, the suspect told his friend, "man, you're not going to believe this, but I got a girl in the trunk of the car right now."

The witness told police he was referring to a Mitsubishi Gallant.

The suspect told him he strangled the girl and when she did not die, he told him, "man, I had to re-kill that girl again, and I just burned her body."

Hightower-Sharp's body was found badly burned.

The search warrant was issued March 7th and it was for the sedan. Police seized it and have since returned it. Now they are awaiting the results of forensic tests.

Houston police would not confirm whether the man I spoke to, the man listed in the court document, is the suspect in the Acres Homes murder. We are not identifying him because he has not been charged. We'll continue to check on the results of the forensic tests.

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