Can the Rockets make it 16 in a row?

HOUSTON Tonight, the current Rockets can set the franchise record. And the road is a bit easier because they won't be on the road. Tonight, they host the Indiana Pacers.

The current Rockets have put together the 15-game streak thanks to shooting better, sharing the ball better and playing outstanding defense. That 1993-94 team won 15 straight by winning the first 15 of what turned out to be a championship season, and they didn't allow any of their 15 victims to score 100 points. But in game 16, Atlanta, with Dominique Wilkins, exploded for 133 points.

Again, a key to the current win streak has been defense, and while these Pacers won't be mistaken for those Hawks, the Rockets are taking no one lightly.

"I don't think it's going to be easier or a really tough game. We gotta go out there and fight. If we don't play the way we have to, we're going to lose. We know that," Rockets forward Luis Scola said.

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