Woman escapes River Oaks kidnapping

HOUSTON She did manage to get away, but now people living in the area were on edge. The woman was attacked Thursday around 7am in the River Oaks area.

The area is considered to be the most exclusive neighborhoods in Houston and usually one of the safest, considering it has its own security patrols. Now the woman, who doesn't want to be identified, has the right to question her security.

"It is scary that it is happening in our city," the woman said. "Well, anywhere in our city. It is terrifying."

She was out on her usual morning walk when things turned scary. When she got to the 3800 block of Del Monte, she says two men got out and grabbed her and threw her in the trunk.

"They had a large black stick that they hit me over the head with. Both of them were strong people," she said. "Stronger than me and they were able to throw me in there."

They may have been bigger, but she was smarter. Inside the dark trunk, she found the quick release latch and was able to jump out. She has bruises and bumps, but she is still here.

"Yeah, I have babies at home," she said while crying. "You just do anything you can to stay safe."

"They didn't know who they were messing with," her husband who also did not want to be identified said. "She got away and thank God for that."

River Oaks Patrol is sending out a crime alert to all residents.

According to HPD, the kidnappers were in a midsize silver or champagne colored four door car. They are checking to see if these suspects were linked to other crimes as well.

Police are looking for any leads they can. If you know anything about this, call HPD at 713-222-3131.

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