Dessert helps nab ID theft suspect

February 27, 2008 6:21:11 AM PST
Houston police say an expensive dessert helped them arrest an accused identity thief.Officers arrested Robert Stringer on a charge of fraudulent use and possession of identifying information. Police say Stringer stole the identities of several people, including those who are deceased.

Last week, undercover officers busted Stringer when they delivered two frozen desserts worth $130 Stringer ordered from Chicago.

"Follow up investigation revealed that what this dirtball was doing was using obituaries -- names from obituaries -- to counterfeit checks and order merchandise throughout the country," explained HPD Sgt. Christopher Lohse. "He would order the checks in the name of the deceased person."

Police say the name Stringer used for the delivery of the desserts belonged to a US army captain killed in action in Iraq.

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