Teller and boyfriend accused of staging bank robbery

February 21, 2008 11:31:09 AM PST
A bank robbery last week where two employees were tied up with duct tape might have been an inside job.Last week, a Missouri City Wells Fargo Bank was robbed as employees were opening up for business. Two women were tied up with duct tape during the hold up, but they were otherwise unhurt. But now, one of those tellers is behind bars, suspected of having a hand in the robbery.

Investigators followed leads to a store where detectives obtained video of suspects purchasing items used during the course of the bank robbery. Based on that video and the subsequent transaction, detectives were able to identify one of the parties to the bank robbery.

On Friday, at about 1am, two suspects were brought in for questioning. Felicia Kadian Brown, 21, was the second teller to enter the bank that morning when a gunman came up from behind her and put a gun to her side.

A second suspect brought in for questioning was Natheniel Paul Stewart, 24. Authorities have identified him as the gunman in the robbery, and also as Brown's boyfriend.

Later that day, during questioning, both suspects reportedly admitted their participation in the robbery. Stewart was charged with aggravated robbery and had his bond set at $1,350,000.

Brown was initially released but later re-arrested on February 20, at about 10pm. She was charged with robbery and her bond was also set at $1,350,000.

A substantial portion of the stolen money was recovered on February 15 at a Houston location.

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