Car buyers swindled in odometer scam

February 4, 2008 11:26:33 AM PST
Investigators believe hundreds of unsuspecting car buyers have been swindled in an odometer rollback scam.Paul Matang, 66, is the owner of the VIP Auto Trader on the North Freeway. Police arrested Matang and his daughter after a customer noticed the numbers on his odometer were not exactly lined up.

Police say some of the odometers may have been rolled back as much as 100,000 miles.

"He buys a car for about $5,000, it'll have 150,000 miles on it -- rolls the odometer back to 60 or 70,000 and sells it for $15,000," said Shane Robertson with the Houston Police Department.

The Matangs could each face as much as twenty years in prison. If you bought a car from VIP Auto Trader, you can call Houston police for information about the case.

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