Police Captain Ready not indicted

January 31, 2008 6:11:35 PM PST
A Harris County grand jury has issued its first indictment in the police time sheet scandal uncovered by 13 Undercover last year. But we've learned the DA's office and police internal affairs are still investigating dozens of cops who may have cheated you. The grand jury declined to indict police Captain Duane Ready for allegedly misusing police equipment in some of his lucrative private security details, but we're told he remains under criminal investigation. His former administrative officer was not as lucky.

Houston police officer Tracy Real faces a misdemeanor charge of tampering with a government record, a possible year in jail for the time sheets she handled for the Greater Southeast Management District. At the time, Real was Captain Ready's administrative officer, helping him manage his lucrative off duty security business.

Last year, a 13 Undercover investigation detailed questionable time sheets turned in by off duty HPD bike patrol officers in southeast Houston and in Midtown. An ongoing police investigation turned up more questions in time sheets for cops working Medical Center security. Captain Ready ran all three lucrative private security operations.

"I have no compunction at all saying that when the officers put in their work cards to ride the district, that they're out there riding the district," said Ready during our 13 Undercover investigation.

Ready and at least two other captains used police computer email to work on their security jobs, but the grand jury declined to indict the captain. But we're told it's not over. The DA's office confirms Ready remains under investigation.

After our stories, Ready resigned from the Midtown and southeast security coordinator jobs. Who replaced him? Tracy Real.

As many as 42 police officers and commanders face possible internal discipline as a result of the investigation.

There's no word on what the DA is continuing to investigate about Ready, but HPD confirms the investigation is ongoing.

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