Neighborhood sewage causes stinky mess

January 30, 2008 2:16:41 PM PST
The city says it plans to take action to rid the smell of raw sewage from a Houston neighborhoodIt's a stench residents in southwest Houston have been dealing with for nearly a week. Last Thursday, homeowners on Markham near Weslayan noticed they were having plumbing problems.

Several called plumbers out and they quickly realized there was more to it. Now, raw sewage can be seen running down the street and at some homes, sewage is bubbling up in the yard.

"The smell is awful. It takes over the entire house," said resident John Tanory. "You can light 13 candles. It smells like a sewage plant."

City officials say crews will be out tomorrow to begin work on a broken sewer line, and residents can expect it to reek of sewage until it is completely repaired.

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