Hempstead police open fire on armed man

January 30, 2008 4:17:39 AM PST
Police officers opened fire on a suspect overnight who they say was pointing a gun at his father.It happened just before midnight at the Legendary Oaks Subdivision in Hempstead.

Hempstead police were called to a home in that gated community. When they got there, no one would answer the front door. Two officers then went around back and knocked there, and that's where police say they were confronted by a 33-year-old man holding a gun.

The gunman is said to be the son of the parents living there. Investigators say that 33-year-old then pointed the weapon at his father and cocked the trigger, before then pointing it at the officers. Fearing for their own safety, the officers drew their weapons and fired. The suspect was hit and died at the scene.

"There were several casings found on the floor. We're not sure at this time if his weapon was actually fired or not," said Chief Glen Smith with the Hempstead Police Department.

The father of the dead man apparently owns a business in Hempstead, and his son does have a history of alcohol problems. According to police, the son may have been drinking last night.

Authorities say he's been arrested on at least three different occasions related to minor offenses.

Officials told Eyewitness News that both officers involved in the shooting have been on the force for one year.

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