Person of interest named in dead baby case

January 30, 2008 3:37:55 AM PST
A sightseeing trip Tuesday morning turned into a horrible sight for a Galveston couple, parents themselves, when they found a little boy's body. Police are questioning the child's mother and right now, they are looking for his father. What's not known is how the infant died. Authorities are trying to crack the case by talking to that three-month-old's mother.

That infant's body was found Tuesday morning near Galveston's Seawall between the entrance to East Beach and Ferry Road.

Eyewitness News was there Tuesday night as the mother of the baby left the Galveston police department. In the two hours she was there, she learned her baby boy is dead. His father, 21-year-old Travis 'TJ' Mullis is wanted for questioning. But police will not yet say whether they believe he killed his own baby.

"He was the last person seen with the baby," said Lt. Jorge Trevino with the Galveston Police Department. "Anything else would be just guessing. That's why we want to talk to him."

It was just before 9am Tuesday morning when Jesse Zaro and his wife were riding along the east end of Galveston known as Cherry Hill. Their peaceful search for wildlife soon turned gruesome.

"I went to pieces," said Zaro. "I just couldn't believe it. It was horrible. A little defenseless baby, that's what I found."

Jesse found the blonde haired, blue eyed baby boy lying face down in the grass. He was dressed only in a blues clues diaper. Nearby was a car seat. He quickly made a heart wrenching call to 911.

"Oh, oh God," Zaro was heard telling the 911 dispatcher. "I'm up here driving with my wife. I found a baby. I think there's a baby. "

Police say the infant had head trauma. They believe he was in his car seat but not strapped in when someone just tossed him away. Meantime, this mother was getting worried. She hadn't seen Mullis or the baby since 6am after a late night.

She phoned a hospital, who called police. Now they're looking for him and his 2002 silver Hyundai Accent with license plate 067-RJP. Zaro will carry this forever. For now he wants swift justice.

Police are not yet releasing the baby's name. They believe his injuries are new and they don't believe he had been there for long. An autopsy will be performed Wednesday. Police say the baby's mother is only a witness.

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