Officers make court appearances in inmate death case

January 28, 2008 3:43:10 PM PST
Two Pasadena police officers charged in the death of an inmate made their first court appearances.A judge formally charged Christopher Jones and Jason Buckaloo with criminally negligent homicide. Neither officer entered a plea.

Both stand accused of killing Pedro Gonzales after he was arrested in July for public intoxication. He later turned up dead in his Pasadena jail cell with broken ribs. The officers are charged with using excess force which caused Gonzales' death.

Defense attorney Greg Cagle said, "These guys are trained to do what they did. That's their training and that's not only their training, that's accepted within the law enforcement community to be a proper application of force under the circumstances."

A defense attorney for one officer says Gonzales had preexisting health conditions that caused his death. Both officers plan to plead not guilty.

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