New Details in a Valley Murder Case

KFSN Krista-Rae Pike's body was found earlier this month inside the Madera home she shared with her fiancé and his father.

Her Fiancé's ex-girlfriend Brittany Navarra and her current boyfriend Dustin Gran have been arrested and charged in the murder.

Search warrants filed by Madera Police indicate the murder of Krista-Rae Pike was a cold and calculated crime.

Police say it all began when Thomas Hollier broke up with Brittany Navarra and ended with "Navarra's" confession.

Kim Carlson, Hollier's Sister: "It was just horrible. I can't believe they would do something like that over jealousy it doesn't make any sense to me."

According to the affidavits, just a month before the murder, a friend of Thomas Hollier claimed that Brittany Navarra sent him an angry text message saying that Navarra would kill Krista because she loved Thomas Hollier.

There's also a documented interview with one of Brittany's friends.

A detectives writes the young friend claims Navarra told her that quote Prior to Christmas Dustin Gran asked Brittany what she wanted for Christmas. Brittany told Dustin she wanted Pike killed.

The police investigation also focused on the pair's myspace pages.

In one post, police say Brittany asked Dustin if he would help her hide a body.

Dustin told Brittany that he would help her hide a body if she asked him to.

School officials say Navarra was in class here at Madera High the day of the murder. According to this search warrant, Brittany told police she was sending text-messages to Gran who was with Krista-Rae, telling Gran to kill and rape her. She also claims he then took a picture of the body."

Police list that photo among evidence taken from the homes of Gran and Navarra.

Surveillance video was also taken from these cameras outside the movie theater that Gran's family owns.

Police claim it shows Gran putting a safe containing bloody jeans into the garbage.

But investigators say they're still searching for Krista-Rae's cell phone, and the murder weapons, a dumbbell like this and a knife.

Thomas Hollier, Victim's Fiancé: "All my friends are trying to meet up searching thru the fields and riverbeds, and thru the fields by his house by where I used to live."

As that search continues both Gran and Navarra remain in jail after pleading, not guilty.

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