Kinkaid's Lady has sophisticated skills

January 23, 2008 6:46:50 PM PST
In girls' high school basketball Tuesday night, Kinkaid fell to St. Agnes 43-30. Kinkaid got 21 of its 30 points from one player and as we discovered, that's not unusual. But if you think that might create problems, you'd be wrong. "Lady is a once in a lifetime player," Kinkaid coach Stacey Marshall said.

This lady is named Lady. Lady Cousinard is a senior at Kinkaid and she's scoring 49 percent of the Falcons' points. Kinkaid lost Tuesday night but the Falcons have won six of their last seven. And if you're thinking Lady must be a ball hog, you'd be wrong.

"She does such a good job getting open, we can always find her and pass to her," teammate Mason Bashaw said.

"She had 31 points or she had 20 points, but she's really moving the ball and passing the ball," Marshall said of Cousinard. "That's what she is doing within our offense."

"I'm not selfish. I like to pass it. That's one of my favorite things to do, is to see my other teammates score. I love it. If everybody could score on my team, that'd be just ... I love that," Cousinard said.

The fact is, the best chance Kinkaid has of scoring is by going through Lady, and her teammates know that.

"She is by far the best player," Bashaw said.

And if you don't notice the game, you can't help but notice her name.

"I have three older brothers, and (my mother) wanted me to act like a lady. So, she started calling me Lady," Cousinard said.

Coach Marshall, who has done an excellent job of bringing her team together, also tries to help them avoid confusion on the floor by calling lady by her given name, Tiffany. However...

"We all call her 'Lady.' It would be weird to call her Tiffany," Bashaw said.

"When we're in the stores, my Mama would say 'Lady! Lady!' and all the ladies in the store look around. And I'm like, 'No, she's talking to me. I'm sorry'," Cousinard said.

And the names don't end there. Consider Mason herself.

"I am named after George Mason. He is one of my ancestors," she said.

And the fact is, they're all ladies.

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