Student sexually assaulted at gunpoint

January 24, 2008 4:59:52 AM PST
Parents are being warned after a student was reportedly sexually assaulted at gunpoint as he walked home from school.According to school officials, a male 7th grade student at Stevenson Middle School reported being assaulted at gunpoint by an unknown male predator as he walked home from school Tuesday afternoon. The attack happened in the 3200 block of South Richey, about a mile from the school.

HISD police and Houston Police are investigating, and HISD police patrols in the area have been increased. The suspect is believed to be between the ages 19 and 20 and may be Hispanic.

HISD Police Chief Charles Wiley said officers are actively looking for the suspect "and we need information from the public to help find him. This man belongs in jail for preying on our children."

Principals sent warning phone messages to parents of students at Stevenson Middle School and nearby Patterson Elementary School. Parents are urged to help keep a watchful eye on children as they walk to and from school.

Principal Jane Crump said, "The school is taking additional security measures to protect and safeguard your child while at school. We are reminding children not speak to strangers, get into a vehicle with them, or walk alone. As our partners in your child's education and safety, please reinforce this message at home."

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