Chester Pitts no billed on charges

January 17, 2008 3:55:35 PM PST
A grand jury on Thursday no billed Houston Texans player Chester Pitts on charges of evading arrest.Pitts was accused of leading police on a short chase after a routine traffic stop. But today, a grand jury declined to indict him on any charges.

Saying he had no hard feelings, Chester Pitts emerged after waiting six hours today to talk to the grand jury.

"Obviously I'm happy the system worked, everything worked out," Pitts said. "It's the way I said it was, it truly was a misunderstanding."

I asked him what he'll do if he's ever pulled over again.

"Get a receipt I go anywhere," Pitts replied.

Pitts says what happened that night was a misunderstanding. Pitts was pulled over last month as part of a Houston police traffic enforcement operation. Several motorists, including Pitts, were pulled over for an alleged illegal turn at the corner of Kirby and West Bellfort. However Pitts drove off and officers pursued him, pulling him over about a half mile from the original stop.

"No one ever took his driver's license or told him what they were doing," said Pitts' attorney Steve Shellist. "Things just escalated."

While Pitts is prohibited from discussing what was said, he spent about ten minutes talking to the grand jury.

When Pitts was asked if he was set to go to Disneyland, he answered showing his sense of humor.

"No, I'm too big and won't fit on any rides," Pitts said. "I'm just going to go home and hang out with my little boy."

Pitts was also charged with misdemeanor fleeing. The grandy jury also a issued a no bill on that charge.

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