Dulles' identical dynamic duo

January 6, 2008 9:32:54 AM PST
In the land of the giants, Thomas and Abel Galliguez play big. The Dulles guards are listed at 5-foot-8, but they're more like 5-6. And yes, they are identical twins."They're identical. It took me a while to figure them out. I mean, when they first came up, I kept asking them, 'Now which one are you?'" Dulles coach Mike Carrabine said.

Opposing teams are doing double takes as well. Thomas and Abel both handle the ball. Both are team leaders. Both are straight-A students. Carrabine calls the two seniors the heart and soul of his team, two brothers who love the game.

"We were raised around a basketball family. I probably touched the ball when I was 5, and I've been playing basketball ever since," Abel said.

"I started a little bit after him. I played with my older sister, mainly," Thomas said.

"He was playing with tea sets and Barbie dolls," Abel jokingly interrupted.

"He's lying," Thomas replied.

The big question, of course, is who's better.

"We have our own advantages, but I'd say we both get the job done. We fight a lot, but we go 50-50 on one-on-one," Thomas said.

Thomas and Abel and the rest of the Vikings know their 20-0 start puts a huge bull's eye on their backs. But for the Vikings, it's all about getting better on the way the playoffs.

"Every team we play wants to say they were the first team to beat us, and we just hope we can keep playing. It's a tough district. We're 6-0 and yet we're only a third of the way through. So it's still a long haul to go," Carrabine said.

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