Huckabee, Clinton go on late night TV

January 2, 2008 6:22:36 PM PST
Mike Huckabee isn't the only one planning to make an appearance tonight on late-night television. A source close to the "Late Show with David Letterman" says Hillary Rodham Clinton will join Robin Williams as Letterman's first guests. Five late-night shows are coming back to the air following two months off because of the writers strike.

Earlier today, Huckabee said he supported the writers and did not think he would be crossing a picket line, because he believed the writers had made an agreement to allow late-night shows on the air. But that isn't the case with Jay Leno.

One picketing writer in California already has a sign that reads "Huckabee is a scab."

A "Tonight" show spokeswoman says she believes Huckabee will still appear with Leno on the eve of the Iowa caucus.