MC Hammer to launch dance video site

January 2, 2008 11:03:04 AM PST
MC Hammer is hoping to create his own version of YouTube, only with dance videos. The site is called DanceJam and he hopes to have it up and running in a few weeks. The site will stage competitions, where contestants submit videos that will be judged by viewers. The site will also give demonstrations and information on different dances.

Hammer and his business partners have spent several months videotaping people around the country to launch the site. They have stockpiled about 100 gigabytes of video to help launch DanceJam. Hammer says he recognized the value of YouTube in its early stages, and he even visited the YouTube offices back when it was a handful of people running the site above a pizza parlor.

Hammer says before YouTube, he wondered if the Internet was so great, why couldn't people see his videos? Since YouTube, he says, "It looks like technology has finally caught up with my vision."