17-year-old appears before a judge for the first time since crash that killed 3 valet workers

Ahmedal Modawi is charged with murder after allegedly crashing into Fnan Measho, Eric Orduna and Nick Rodriguez.
HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A 17-year-old charged with murder for a crash that killed three young men who were working as valet drivers in southwest Houston appeared in court for the first time Wednesday morning.

Ahmedal Tayeb Elnouman Modawi used a walker to appear before a judge due to the injuries he sustained from the crash.

A judge set Modawi a total $350,000 bond: $100,000 for each of the three murder charges and $50,000 for an aggravated assault with serious bodily injury charge.

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WATCH: The teenage suspect appeared before a judge using a walker due to the injuries he sustained from the crash.

Modawi, a valet driver at Cafe Mawal, is accused of taking a customer's car without their permission Friday night and doing donuts in a nearby parking lot.

In exclusive surveillance video obtained by ABC13, a patrol car comes onto the scene, makes a circle, then initiates a traffic stop.

Police say Modawi evaded officers and drove the car just a few blocks down Fairdale before crashing into 18-year-old Fnan Measho, 22-year-old Eric Orduna and 23-year-old Nick Rodriguez, killing them.

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As the families of the three men killed in a horrific crash plan their funerals, the owner of the car in the crash is speaking out for the first time.

All three of the young men were valet drivers for Prospect Park Sports Bar. They were walking back to the bar from parking cars when they were hit.

According to details revealed in court Wednesday, Modawi evaded police for about 0.6 miles before the crash. A judge said he was driving 60 mph, double the speed limit in the area.

In addition to the three pedestrians killed, Modawi's passenger, 16-year-old Mohammed Alkatip, was ejected from the vehicle and sustained two broken legs. Alkatip, also a valet driver at Cafe Mawal, was released from the hospital Tuesday, according to court details.

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HEARTBREAKING: Through hugs, tears and inconsolable pains, loved ones lamented their loss and called for justice.

The judge said Modawi is currently in high school and has no previous criminal charges. He is not a U.S. citizen and is from Sudan.

Modawi was given a bond supervision order. He is not allowed to drive without approval of a judge, cannot use illegal drugs or alcohol, cannot operate a firearm and must stay within Harris County.

If Modawi meets his bond, he will also be required to surrender his Sudanese passport.

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Teen charged with murder was in customer's car during crash that killed 3 valet workers, sources say

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Families of two of the valet drivers killed when a 17-year-old crashed into them came together, bonded by grief, as details emerge about what the suspected driver was doing when the incident happened.

3 valet workers identified in deadly crash caused by reckless driver near sports bar Friday night
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As of Sunday night, HPD has not released any information on the reckless driver's condition, or if they had been taken into custody.

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