Should you drip faucets? Here's how to prepare your home for freezing temps ahead of Arctic blast

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Sunday, January 14, 2024
Prepare your home for freezing temps ahead of Sunday
Should you drip my faucets? Here's how to prepare your home for the arctic blast as ERCOT expands its weather watch from Sunday until Wednesday.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- On Friday, ABC13 heard from Houston Public Works and Mayor John Whitmire ahead of the winter weather. They called it an all-hands-on-deck operation. With these freezing temperatures comes added responsibility to homeowners.

Homeowners are advised to put insulated caps on outdoor faucets, and to wrap pipes exposed to the cold to keep them from freezing and potentially causing a break.

Blankets, towels, or hardware store supplies will all get the job done. It's also a good idea to keep your thermostats on and at the same temperature all day and to close up a garage if you have one to keep from losing heat.

Not only that, but the lovely plants you've spent all summer protecting from the extreme heat, will also need to be protected from the cold. You can use blankets and sheets to protect them. We're told that if a plant dies, don't panic right away because some plants are meant to die back.

Covering outdoor plants might be a good idea, too. Added mulch protects the roots, and a sheet or tarp will save the leaves. Just make sure to stake or tie it down so it doesn't blow away.

However, the city is asking you not to drip your faucets. If too many people drip at once, it could impact water pressure. However, they understand some don't have an option.

"We ask you to be mindful and not have a stream of water but that it is truly a drip," Carol Haddock, with Houston Public Works, said. "It's not gonna hurt anything. You want to be prepared and don't wait till the last minute."

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