These 17 Houston restaurant closures marked the saddest shutters of 2022

ByEric Sandler CultureMap logo
Friday, December 30, 2022

HOUSTON, Texas -- By any measure, this year has been a fantastic time to be a diner in Houston. Dozens of new restaurants all made a splash.

Despite all the growth, we also bid farewell to several establishments that all made their mark on the dining scene. Each of the restaurants and bars listed below have fans who miss them. With the recognition that change is inevitable, let's look back at some of the year's most significant closures.

The Branch

Kyle Pierson's neighborhood bar and restaurant earned raves for its welcoming atmosphere, craft beer selection, and dishes like chicken fried steak and Vindaloo Frito Pie. Sadly, the social media acclaim didn't generate sufficient sales. The Branch closed in August.

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