Family of man attacked by 2 dogs during morning walk thanks neighbors for saving his life

The brutal attack was captured on surveillance video, which even showed a neighbor trying to shoot one of the dogs.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021
Dog mauling victim will need many surgeries, family says
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The family of a dog mauling victim says their loved one has many surgeries ahead of him, including those for his ear and his jaw.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- For the first time, the family of a man who deputies say was attacked by two pit bulls in his own neighborhood is speaking out.

The 68-year-old was out for his morning walk on Thursday when the attack happened. He was injured so badly, authorities feared he might not survive his injuries.

As of Monday, his family said he was stable.

The victim, Ha Mui, was recently able to FaceTime with his family. You could see the wounds on his face after at least one of the dogs bit his face and neck.

Ha Mui's brother, Bong Mui, said while his brother wasn't able to respond in the FaceTime conversation, his family was so grateful to see him.

"You could see he was trying to talk, but he couldn't. The family was trying to give him some encouragement," said Bong.

Bong said his brother suffered serious wounds to his face, neck and body.

"It's just terrible. He's a very kind, easy-going, gentleman, and I just can't believe what happened to him," said Bong.

The brutal attack was captured on surveillance video. The footage shows the two dogs approaching Ha and then biting him.

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A neighbor heard Ha call for help and returned with some sort of long object to get the dogs to back away.

"Man, I've never seen a dog attack nobody like that," said Darrell Barryman, a neighbor who ran to help.

Another neighbor, who's a retired deputy, also rushed to help and shot one of the dogs to keep it from attacking. Ha's family credits the neighbors and paramedics with saving his life.

"I'm very thankful to them, because without them, my brother right now would be dead for sure," said Bong.

Ha lost a lot of blood. His brother said his ear needs to be reconstructed and there's damage to his jaw. He also said more surgeries are expected down the road.

"Please help pray for the recovery of my brother," he said.

The family has started a GoFundMe to help with medical expenses.

The investigation is ongoing and the dogs' owner could face criminal charges.

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