Woman says her car was shot up in apparent road rage incident in a SW Houston parking lot

Sunday, July 4, 2021
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A woman was able to walk away unharmed after someone began shooting at her in a Houston parking lot on Saturday afternoon. The woman said the suspect started letting off shots after a quick altercation between the two.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A woman was uninjured during a shooting in southwest Houston after multiple bullets came inches away from her head Saturday afternoon.

The shooting was reported in a Meyerland-area parking lot located near the 9900 block of S. Post Oak Road.

According to the woman, she was attempting to make a turn into a Walmart parking lot. The alleged shooter was supposed to yield, said the woman, but instead, he continued inching towards her car in attempt to make the turn at the same time.

The woman said he almost hit her car, which caused her to roll down her window moments before the shooting occurred. That's when the man began flashing a gun at her, she said.

"I said 'Oh my God, you finna shoot me?,'" the woman told ABC13. "So I pulled out the parking lot, and as I turned around, he started shooting in my car."

The gunman reportedly approached her driver-side window before firing off multiple shots.

"I was nervous, I was scared," she said. "Like, you know, I see this on movies, you don't think this would happen in real life."

The woman was able to call police saying her car had been shot.

The gunman's sister was reportedly in the car with him during the incident. Authorities said when her brother began the disagreement, she got out of the car in attempt to get away from him.

Officials said the sister stayed at the scene to help with the investigation.

A witness said they saw the woman driving when another driver cut her off before the altercation began, however authorities have not said what caused the shooting.

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