Daughter says murdered Spring mom was trying to leave relationship

Tuesday, December 29, 2020
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WATCH: "I feel like it's a nightmare that I'll wake up from at the end of the week," the mother of two's daughter told ABC13.

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- A Spring mother of two murdered by her husband just one day after Christmas was trying to escape the relationship, according to her daughter.

"She was taking steps to get out of the situation," said Dejia Edison.

Yashica Fontenot had just spent a joyful Christmas with her family.

"We went to a family Christmas sleepover and we did s'mores and played a series of games," Edison said.

Just a day later, her family's hearts were shattered. Outside of the Fontenot's home, they broke down as police said Yashica was dead inside.

ORIGINAL STORY: Wife fatally shot, 10-year-old grazed with bullet at Spring home, HCSO says

"I can't really explain what I'm going through at the moment. I'm just trying to process that this is even still real," her daughter said. "I feel like it's a nightmare that I'll wake up from at the end of the week."

According to police, her husband, Jefferey Fontenot, is the one who made the 911 call and said he shot his wife. Police arrived to their home and Yashica was dead. Her 10-year-old son had locked himself in a room. Police say Fontenot tried to shoot him too, but he was only grazed by a bullet and survived.

Edison says her mother was trying to get out of the relationship and feared for her safety. Her daughter says Jefferey had not been physical with her mother in the past, but was verbally abusive.

"The violence was not physical at all," Edison said. "The violence was verbal though, and mental."

"She meant everything to me. She's taught me everything," she said. "My mom was a single parent and she raised me. Everything I am today is because of her."

Jefferey has been charged with aggravated assault and murder.

"I'm praying for him. That's all I can do. I don't have any hate in my heart," Edison said. "I was not raised that way by my mom to hate anyone."

If you or someone you love is experiencing domestic violence, call the Houston Area Women's Center at (713) 528- 2121. They can offer resources to help you get out of a bad situation.

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