Woman buys more than $300 worth of groceries for strangers at Dollar General in Aldine

ALDINE, Texas (KTRK) -- Employees at an Aldine-area Dollar General will not forget the kindness one woman showed their community last week.

Pearl went into the store last Friday and paid for all the shoppers' items. Now, Lavine Robicheaux, an employee, wants to make sure Pearl is recognized for her good deed.

"When you see stuff like that, you want to recognize people because they're doing stuff out of the kindness of their heart," Robicheaux said.

Robicheaux wanted to recognize the shopper for what she did, so she tweeted a photo of Pearl and the many baskets she had filled with groceries to give away in the area.

"It made me feel good. That's why I asked to take a picture of her," Robicheaux said.

Robicheaux said Pearl looked like a regular customer. Then she noticed Pearl filling up basket after basket then they knew something special was happening.

"She came back in and bought two baskets worth of stuff. It took two of us to check her out," Robicheaux said. "She grabbed three more baskets and she's just filling them up with food."

Robicheaux said Pearl didn't want the other customers to know she was taking care of the purchases, so she told them it was courtesy of Dollar General.

"She goes, 'Don't tell them that I'm buying it. Just tell them it's on Dollar General. I don't want them to recognize me,'" Robicheaux said. "She was uncomfortable with them saying thank you to her."

Robicheaux said there's a lot of people in their area that need help, and it's a blessing when someone like Pearl comes around.

"A lot of people in our area, they're doing good but they're doing good enough for them. Sometimes they can bless other people," Robicheaux said. "She's sharing it with people that she doesn't know."

If Robicheaux is ever lucky enough to see Pearl again, she has a message for the secret shopper.

"I would say, 'Keep going and try to pass it on to other people,'" Robicheaux said.
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