Walmart app's new wish list feature makes holiday shopping easy

Thursday, December 17, 2015
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If you haven't made your wish list yet, the Walmart app is one handy app.

It's called a "wish list" and it's a new feature on the Walmart app.

The feature has a scanner already built in for you to use. You search for the product, and it brings up the price and where you can find it in the store.

"You can scan all the items you want for Christmas, and your family members and friends can all log onto the Walmart app and see what you want," says Walmart's Jamie McCain.

At the Walmart in southwest Houston, we wanted to see just how user friendly the app really is.

You just grab something you wish for and then scan it. Talk about stress free!.

We wanted to test the app on a Walmart shopper and caught up with Homer Quiroz, the father of three, who looked like he had his hands full with wish lists.

The handwritten notes, illustrations and catalog pictures were making the shopping process a little tedious for him. So we asked him to give the Walmart app a try.

"It's easy to scan," Quiroz says.

Homer compiled everything on his kids' wish list and then some. He added an XBox One gaming system for his sons.

"They had one but it messed up," he says.

Then he added an iPhone for his daughter.

He wasn't probably going to purchase, but just in case, he still wanted to put it on the "wish list."

When the list was completed, almost $1400 dollars worth of stuff. And then, a holiday surprise.

"Walmart is going to give you everything on your wish list," abc13's Patricia Lopez revealed.

"Oh, my God," Quiroz says. "I am so grateful."